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Anatomy of the Undertaker

chest-no shirt
Bad Ass Indeed
Needs no introduction

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12-07-01: Three new bad ass pics at the end of the gallery.

Info:   This is a parody site not to be taken with too much seriousness. Just because we are taking a closer look at certain parts of the Undertaker's anatomy doesn't mean I don't respect him. I don't understand why it's perfectly fine to do sites that show of parts of the WWF Divas, even ones that are vulgar and degrading of them, but when someone does one of a male star it's looked down upon. As if I really cared if people have a problem with this. If you want an Undertaker site not done in parody, go to the Crypt. Many (not all) of the pics here can be found at the Crypt, but this site gets right down to the goods some may be looking for.

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